Specialized Physical Therapy
Specialized Physical Therapy
Specialized Physical Therapy


Avant Therapy is committed to offer you specialized and personalized care.

As a physical therapy facility, Avant Therapy will help you improve your Movement, Function and Health.

Avant Therapy is dedicated to improve your motion, helping you return quickly to an active and pain free lifestyle.

We are passionate about your recovery. We have a broad base of professional education and skills in different specialty areas.

We have staff with more than 18 years of experience in the treatment and prevention of many health conditions.




Physical Therapy

(NEURomuscular ACtivation) is a method based on scientific principles scanning painful movements neuromuscular dysfunctions and imbalances. This technique will help you to use your deep stabilizer muscles.


Fitness Training

No matter what is your Fitness Level, this suspension exercises are effective and useful for anyone looking to build exceptional core strength, muscle stability, and movement control.


Sports Performance

Professional Sport players searching for specific training and improvement in speed, strength, agility, form or any other factor affecting their professional performance can benefit from these three-dimensional movements.



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