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Quotation Mark
I dealt with leg and back pain for a few months and I’ve only had 4 sessions with Avant so far, and I am able to get back to being more comfortable, I'm so glad I made the decision to go to Avant. Laura is caring, professional, personable, and has an amazing amount of knowledge. I feel confident that I’m being diagnosed and helped correctly for my mobility needs.

Laura offers a friendly and welcoming environment but works hard to coach and push you when you need it most. She listens carefully and gives each patient her attention and focus. Laura is very professional and provides an excellent environment that makes physical therapy a great opportunity to improve one's personal well-being. Avant was flexible with my schedule. I would send any friend or family member with physical therapy needs to the amazing place. Thanks, Avant!

- A.A.
Quotation Mark
I broke both arms and have been going to Avant Physical Therapy for several months (3 times a week). There are many types of tools and equipment and I really enjoyed their service. The facility is kept very clean and there are a lot of people coming to get treatment.

Thanks to their know-how and personalized care, my condition improved a lot. I regained strength and range of motion in both arms. Without their treatment, I think it would have been a much longer recovery.
I am glad that I found this place.
If you need physical therapy in Sugar Land, I highly recommend this place.
- A. L.
Quotation Mark
Absolutely recommend Avant Therapy to anyone who might need physiotherapy treatment. They helped to stop my mom's pain in the arm she had for several years. All she needed to do was a set of specific exercises daily and she felt a dramatic improvement in a week, literally she no longer has pain.

My mum first experienced pain in the right arm in 2014 after working in her garden cutting some roses and tree branches with a pruner. The pain kept coming and going for the next five years often leaving her in tears as it was very sharp and intense. A few doctors checked her arm with X-Ray, Ultrasound, and electric impulses, none could explain what was happening. Time passed and the pain stayed. About 1.5 months ago I met Dr. Laura from Avant Therapy, I explained my mom's case and doctor Laura kindly agreed to have her checked. I told the rest of the story at the beginning of this review.

Thank you so much, Dr. Laura and God bless you for helping my mom! 
- Y. B. 
Quotation Mark
Very knowledgeable, professional, and real results. Got my health back.

- P. L.
Quotation Mark
After an extensive search for a good PT place, I took my mother here and it was the best thing ever! Really liked the fact that Laura speaks Spanish so she could communicate very well with my mother. Laura is so kind, caring, and patient. There was no rush and she takes good care of her patients. I really recommend this place.
- A. G.
Quotation Mark
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