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Injury Screen

What is an Injury Screen?


An Injury Screen is a quick assessment performed by your physical therapist to determine if you have sustained an injury or have pain or a condition that requires further evaluation and intervention.  

During this free Injury Screen, your Doctor in Physical Therapy may ask you questions about the nature and severity of your symptoms.


A quick physical examination can be performed and the results will allow your Doctor in Physical Therapy to recommend the best course of action and treatment plan if needed.

Physical therapist performing free injury screen

A Free Injury Screen is a great tool and opportunity to take advantage of if you are experiencing pain, discomfort, difficulty performing a task, or if you have suffered an injury.

How Can an Injury Screen Help Me?

Phyiscal therapist performinginjury screen on a male patient

These are some of the benefits of an Injury Screen

  1. Early Detection and treatment. An injury screen can help you take the right course of action before things get complicated or further damage is done. The faster you act, the shorter the recovery road is. 

  2. Reduce Healthcare Costs. Avoid sitting on an injury or problem to solve by itself. This can create problems for other body parts. Unnecessary diagnostic testing and expensive treatments can also be avoided. 

  3. Old injuries complications. Perhaps your injury is not recent, but you are still dealing with nagging pain or other symptoms that never resolved or that developed consequently.  An injury screen can help you address these. 

  4. Peace of mind. The injury screening can help you know what to do and what to avoid. 

  5. Improve your quality of Life. The Injury screen can help you get the appropriate care you need and return to the activities you love to do as soon as possible.

Take advantage of this opportunity and take the first step towards a pain-relief road. Schedule a Free Injury Screen today and get the answers that you need to start restoring.
Don’t let pain keep you from enjoying life.

Call or send us an email to request your free injury screen!

Call to book your Free Injury Screen!

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